How I Got My Life Back; My Journey With Interstitial Cystitis

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“I found this book at one of the most desperate times in my life. I had been in a flare for two months (my longest to date) as well as my first UTI ever. If you are suffering from IC, I HIGHLY recommend this book; I can’t say enough about it! It has completely changed my life. I have followed her instructions, and my flare has ended! My inflammation has led to 28 pounds of weight loss without a second of exercise although I am hoping to start soon! Do yourself a favor, don’t spend another minute in pain or suffering and purchase this book. The cost of the book is pennies compared to the investment you are making in yourself.” ~ Lydia

As a current IC patient, this book is a must read! Besides all the informative information and considerations, it’s heartfelt, genuine & true. Elisabeth made a breakthrough In solving the IC puzzle. I too am following her protocols … and slowly but surely I am feeling my symptoms subside. Yes, I still may have frequent urination still, but the burning & pressure is fading!!! “FYI” get tested for Cándida I too had an overgrowth of Cándida with my IC. Diet & high-quality supplements are everything! Thank you, Elisabeth, for sharing your story & giving IC warriors hope!!”

“I enjoyed reading this book. It gave a lot of useful information. Written well. A must-read for anyone with Interstitial Cystitis. I have read a lot of books on IC. I learned the most from this book.”  ~ Christine





Get to the root of the problem. Within the pages of this book, you will hear Yaotani’s incredible story and learn practical ways to deal with this chronic illness head-on. You can discover and learn how to detoxify your body, heal leaky gut, bring healing through nutrition, reduce stress, strengthen your immune system, and address genetic variants that are affecting the natural pathways of your body. Get answers to your questions and begin your journey to health, today. 

You are not destined to live out your days with all the limitations chronic pain brings. You have been down long enough. It’s time to take your life back!


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2 reviews for How I Got My Life Back; My Journey With Interstitial Cystitis

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    Leslie (verified owner)

    This book was a true God send. This book gave us direction on how to treat my husband’s IC. Many things Elisabeth experienced was exactly what my husband was going through. My husband is still on his healing journey, but he is getting better. So very thankful for Elisabeth sharing her story.

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    I think I have had the beginnings of IC all my life but since I hit my 50s my symptoms were identified and progressively getting worse. With pain and aging I started to feel like a healthy and active life were slipping away and many of my goals with it at still too young of an age. This book gave me hope again. I have just begun the changes and I am already feeling improvement. I am so looking forward to implementing all the advice and hopefully feeling better than I ever have even at my age. Thank you so much Elisabeth for sharing your heart felt story!

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