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How I Got My Life Back
The Complete IC Diet Cookbook

In 2006 I was diagnosed with severe interstitial cystitis. The medical community had little to no information and less than hopeful treatment options. I spent ten years making an attempt to manage my symptoms and was in constant and often debilitating pain.

I am not a licensed member of medicine, but after exhausting all of my options, I sought
alternative remedies as a last resort. This was a hit-or-miss situation for me, but after a long while I was finally able to turn a corner.Everyone is unique, and my personal journey involved changes in my diet and lifestyle, along with high-quality supplements. I gauged each change with how my body reacted and after a
while, was able to reverse my worst IC symptoms and get my life back. My own research was coupled with years of trial and error and it has empowered me to better understand my body and the significant roles that diet and lifestyle play in overall health and wellness.

I encourage you to read my books and coordinate with a knowledgeable primary healthcare provider as well as a nutritionist to assist you. Consultations are available for you to ask questions and share your experience.

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